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Marissa Critelli

Marissa Critelli is a fully certified Pilates instructor through the Unites States Pilates Association (U.S.P.A) with Brett Howard, a worldwide leader in the field and second generation disciple of Joseph Pilates.  She dedicated herself to the 600+ hour apprenticeship program, consisting of teaching, observation and anatomy with an oral and written exam every 200 hours displaying knowledge and understanding of the apparatus and exercises. Marissa has taught in New York for over 6 years working privately in clients’ homes as well as in private Pilates studios and Equinox.  She started taking Pilates classes at a local studio on Long Island and quickly fell in love with the mind body connection and flexibility she felt after each session. Marissa became passionate about the program, and built up an extensive clientele working with men and women of all ages. One of the many things she enjoys about teaching is the ability to reduce and/or eliminate pain while increasing ones strength, balance and coordination. Marissa continues to grow and expand her knowledge as an instructor by keeping up to date with continuing education workshops and seminars.


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